Joe Biden, Donald Trump. Republican, Democrat. It’s all the same shit.

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Joe Biden, Donald Trump. Republican, Democrat.

Whatever, it’s all the same shit.

As we await the results of the 2020 Presidential Election, it is clear that neither of these parties represent the American people, and it is why the biggest voting bloc are non-voters. Yet, we have a choice to make on November 3rd, or maybe earlier if you’re voting early like me.

No matter what the outcome of this election is, the corporate and political elite will be the winners. So, where does that leave the progressive left? It forces us to choose which enemy we want to hold to account in the White House: the Neo-Liberal elitists or the Far-Right Fascists. Both sides represent different wings of the same plutocratic class and neither candidate seem that concerned about ending the wars on Black and Brown people across the world.

Today, the U.S is involved in bombings and killings in over 100 countries while millions of Americans remain without adequate healthcare coverage, drowning in student debt, and cannot afford their basic needs due to the pandemic’s effect on the economy. Our so-called representatives in D.C are not concerned with their constituents at all because they are loyal to the lobbyists, not us.

However, the argument that Biden will be much better falls flat on its face, and this is why the #NeverTrump crowd should be met with resentment from the left. I mean, how quick can we forget? Biden––the same man who did not want his children to attend school in a racial jungle, author and supporter of the 1994 crime bill, and stated that it does not matter whether young Black men are the victims of society and that they should be put in jail. This is the guy who will bring about change?

In terms of decency and decorum, that argument can be made to a fault because how do you want your crony capital elitist white supremacist plutocratic ideology served? With a smile or indignation?

While we seek normalization and a stable environment for the future, it is important for us to realize that normal really is not that good and it is what led to Trump in the first place. Is being the leader of the free world while also having the largest incarceration rate in the world the normal we want to go back to? Or is having up to 45,000 Americans die each year due to the lack of health insurance a future we really want?

I truly do not believe Biden will change anything, but I do believe that the progressive wing will be able to effectively challenge his administration more-so than 45. These challenges on policy will advance an agenda that better serves the American people through the next decade and beyond. Ultimately, it is going to start in Congress and voting out the corrupt politicians that are beholden to corporate interests for us to get things done.

Find out who represents you in Congress here:

Remember, you can vote out a person, but you can’t vote out an ideology.

– Peace be unto you.

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Human. Millennial. Afro-Latino. Brother. He/Him. @ohitsodali across all social platforms.

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